Hi, I'm Stephanie Rogers. With 15 years of experience as a freelance writer and content marketer specializing in sustainability, architecture and construction, I offer a broad range of professional writing services. I've delivered thousands of blog posts, long form articles, informational copy, internal communications, web copy and more over the course of my career in niches like cleantech, corporate responsibility, sustainable forestry and urban planning. I'm also a longtime contributor to WebUrbanist.com, where I dive into topics like recycled building materials, affordable housing, awesome architectural projects and accessibility. I'd love to chat with you about your content needs - feel free to drop me a line at writing@sarogers.info or view my portfolio.


    Informational guides, website content, blogs, feature articles, SEO writing, internal newsletters and email marketing - whatever kind of written content you need, I can deliver.


    Want to diversify and enrich the content you offer? Talk to me about video scripts, quizzes, infographics and other creative ways to reach your target audience in the digital age.


    I can generate content, develop your content marketing strategy, collaborate with your team members, oversee teams of writers, craft editorial calendars and organize content within a variety of CM systems.


    Define, target, excite and engage your audience with valuable, relevant content that will prompt them to take action. I'll help you position and promote what we produce together for maximum impact.


    What stories have you yet to tell about your company or organization? Journalistic content gets to the heart of the matter, creating emotional connections with your audience and deepening their appreciation for and understanding of what you do.


    You have an idea of what you want to say, but you're not a writer. No problem! As your ghostwriter I'll help you draft, research and perfect your story, whether it's a nonfiction book, an essay, a bio, a case study or an email newsletter written in your voice.

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